Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Feed Me

Check out Canada's Cultural Profiles Project . The site offers cultural overviews of over 100 countries. Did you know that Jordanian rugs are often in geometric patterns and colored with dyes made from flowers and herbs? (I didn't).

The site is a great reference map offering insight into some of the worlds oldest cultures.
Teddy Corndog brings us the Rolling Bomber Special:


I like...

Mark McKinney on Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. Let's hope he sticks around a while.

I'll tolerate...

Paula Dean, though I wish she'd stop kissing Santa Claus... and Wikipedia says her trend for comfort food was influenced by the 911 attacks... did I say tolerate?.

Anyway, I have no patience for...

Paula's idiot sons. How did these two loafers score a television show? Oh right, it's the Food Network. Oh Christ, and they love football.
Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia is none other thanTek Jansen!

Wake Me When Basketball Starts

Butch Davis and John Bunting. It is absurd that I even know these names. They are the incoming and outgoing coaches for the UNC college football programs. Davis comes from Miami where he rebuilt their program. He also spent several seasons in the NFL with the Browns and...

Why do I know this stuff? Possibly because local media won't shut up about the trials of our college football programs. If I have to hear another 10 minute profile on local radio I'll chew my ears off.

Davis says it's Chapel Hill's obligation to fill all 60,000 seats come opening day, September 2007. Ya, you keep thinkin' that buddy. In the meantime I'd like to remind everyone that we have a championship winning club right here in the Triangle that is competing - right now - at going for a second triumph. So rather than talk about a football program that hasn't won anything in recent memory, how 'bout focusing on the Stanley Cup champion Hurricanes.