Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mr. Pinkwater, and the quest for Sandwich Immortality

Hilarious commentary from Danial Pinkwater and his life's goal to have a sandwich named after him.

Here's mine:

The Allore (with thanks to egg-in-the-hole)

Butter two pieces of bread
Cut a hole in the center of one piece about the size of an egg yoke
Place bread butter side down in frying pan
crack and egg and dump it in the piece with the hole
grill until egg is cooked
add bacon
add thinly slice tomato


Sunday, July 29, 2007

This might be nothing, but...

I'm just wondering why there are 12 industrial tanks parked outside the old
site of Hangars Cleaners on Fidelity Street in Carrboro, all containing dirt that
smells like cleaning fluid.

I understand that Hangars is supposed to be the "green" alternative to
drycleaning (using some C02 alternative to Perchloroethylene) that was developed by folks in the Reasearch Triangle. So why does all this dirt need to be removed from the site? Where is it going?

An inquiry to the town planning department might be in order.